DDRDP - Episode 15

"Medals 4  Mettle"

What do you do with all of your racing hardware? You may wear them proudly post race at the event, but then what becomes of them? Could you and would you be willing to give a token of something that you have worked so hard for to someone who is a fight for their life? Something that could lift their spirits and encourage them to reach their own finish line?

Aside from the the usual ramblings and the need for Dirrty Girl apparently to be on the show, because without her there wouldn't be a show, I get to interview Joe Burns of Medals for Mettle.  A great organization with a great purpose.

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Medals 4 Mettle(Main Page)

Medals 4 Mettle Contact Information

Big Props to Bamarunner for the kick ass intro. As usual, feel free to send me your nuggets of wisdom, questions, thoughts @ dirtdawg50k@aol.com