DDRDP - Episode 12

A new month, a new phase of training for the hundo: night time running! follow me on my first night run of the year, yawns and all. Dirrty Girl again gives her weekly update, endorsement of her new dog collar,  and how she liked making a man suffer. Chafing is alive and well as is our new foster puppy. Dirrty Feather drops in along with the usual emails and an opportunity for listeners to introduce the show.

DDRDP Blog of the Week: Top Heavy Runner

I love to run, but do not love to bounce. This blog is for girls to come and get information and voice their opinions regarding running with a full rack on top.

Holla at me: 206 - 202 - 3912

When you are bored at work, or at home, or out on the road...check out: A New Leash on Life

Music this week:  Alice Smith - New Religion courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

As always, nuggets of wisdom, wit and whimsical thought are welcomed @ dirtdawg50k@aol.com or dirtdawg50k@gmail.com