DDRDP - Episode 11

This week finds me doing a fun run to work on my birthday to celebrate 4.85 in Dawg years and running the Trail Marathon with Brian aka Lupus Runner. Additionally, Dirrty Girl gets her own segment on training and her tryst with her "work husband" . A product review that makes me looks like I should be playing softball or a backup dancer for Britney Spears but help me recover "wicked fast" and the usual assortment of emails and whatnot.

Product Review: CEP SOCKS

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DDRDP Blog of the week: Trail Goddess

A great blog about an ultrarunner who loves herself some dirt.

If you have got some time to cruise the web then check out Bamarunner and Lonewolf.

Music this week:  Dave Hole - Keep Your Motor Running courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

As always, nuggets of wisdom, wit and whimsical thought are welcomed @ dirtdawg50k@aol.com