DDRDP - Episode 16

Come along on a 6 hour run for time, not necessarily for distance through Kensington Metropark and Island Lake. Topics include eating during a long run, new shoes, and some tunnel shout outs. Dirrty Girl drops in with a list of things that are slow, and what it is like to Superman one's self.

Intro by Little Dirt Dawg and his new fast shoes and Trilogy Running.


DDRDP - Episode 15

"Medals 4  Mettle"

What do you do with all of your racing hardware? You may wear them proudly post race at the event, but then what becomes of them? Could you and would you be willing to give a token of something that you have worked so hard for to someone who is a fight for their life? Something that could lift their spirits and encourage them to reach their own finish line?

Aside from the the usual ramblings and the need for Dirrty Girl apparently to be on the show, because without her there wouldn't be a show, I get to interview Joe Burns of Medals for Mettle.  A great organization with a great purpose.

Show Links:

Medals 4 Mettle(Main Page)

Medals 4 Mettle Contact Information

Big Props to Bamarunner for the kick ass intro. As usual, feel free to send me your nuggets of wisdom, questions, thoughts @ dirtdawg50k@aol.com


DDRDP - Episode 14

"It's best to approach your break point without breaking it." Lee Fidler, Running Coach

This episode finds me exploring the limits of my endurance and overall intelligence in regards to when the body says "HEY, IDIOT, I NEED A BREAK?" Do I listen, or do I keep running? Dirrty Girl checks in and declares THE STICK a simple machine. A couple of voicemails from a Vegan and Fellow Michigander along with a giving back opportunity and a special message from ESAC (Erasing Southern Animal Cruelty).

Show Links:

Fifty Counting Down

Tri N Reality

Vegan Running Mom

Book of the week: Ultrarunning: My Story by Mike Bouscaren

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DDRDP - Episode 13

A "stripped" down episode that is simply about why I run. Perhaps personal and at best an incoherent rambling, this nevertheless gives you a portrait of why I run and how and why I am who I am. Why do you run?

Also a look into the Marathon Monks. A seemingly unbelievable tale of a small group of monks who live in a monastery and can accomplish many remarkable challenges, just for a different perspective.

Show Links:

The Spiritual Athlete's Path to Enlightenment

YouTube - Marathon Monks

Tendai Marathon Monks

The Marathon Monks: Stretching the Limits of Human Endurance

Book: The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei


DDRDP - Episode 12

A new month, a new phase of training for the hundo: night time running! follow me on my first night run of the year, yawns and all. Dirrty Girl again gives her weekly update, endorsement of her new dog collar,  and how she liked making a man suffer. Chafing is alive and well as is our new foster puppy. Dirrty Feather drops in along with the usual emails and an opportunity for listeners to introduce the show.

DDRDP Blog of the Week: Top Heavy Runner

I love to run, but do not love to bounce. This blog is for girls to come and get information and voice their opinions regarding running with a full rack on top.

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Music this week:  Alice Smith - New Religion courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

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